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Seri Meraga

The Seri Meraga Group

We are an established and successful property development and construction Group of Companies with interests in both the public and private sectors since the early 1990s. Our vision is to be recognized as one of the premier developers of property and infrastructure projects in Malaysia with an unwavering focus on quality, service and timely delivery. These three aspects of excellence are the foundation of our corporate culture; our “Hallmark of Distinction”.

Property Development, Construction & Infrastructure

Our portfolio of successful property projects include shareholdings in two major developments in Mont’Kiara, that is, Aman Kiara (a boutique bungalow and condovilla community) and Hijauan Kiara (an exclusive and low-density concept luxury condominium).

In the construction and infrastructure development sector, these six projects carried out by Seri Meraga Group stands out:

  • Construction of Taman Antarabangsa Bukit Jalil including Landscape Works;
  • Proposed Flyover at Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah/Jalan Aziz Ibrahim and Bayan Baru Roundabout, Pulau Pinang;
  • Gerbang Selatan Bersepadu Project, Johor Bahru (Interchange No.1);
  • Rehabilitation of Tasik Ringlet, in Cameron Highlands, for TNB Hydro;
  • Construction of Package NSL3A of the ELITE Expressway to KLIA for ELITE Bhd; and
  • Design and Construction of Taman Lembah Kiara at Taman Tun Dr Ismail for DBKL.

These  projects are valued at more than RM 500 million in total.

Wangsa 118

From these early successes and with the leadership of a vision-driven technocrat-turned entrepreneur, we are now turning our expertise and resources to undertake a boutique commercial development in Setiawangsa and Wangsa Maju, an established suburb and neighbourhood which has always been home to our Group.

Wangsa 118 is poised to be the new iconic landmark of Setiawangsa and Wangsa Maju. It is located on 2 acres of prime commercial land and is comprised of 25 retail units, 4 purpose-built commercial units, 180 units of office suites and 8 penthouse suites ranging from SOVO (small office versatile office) of 665 sq. ft. to 4329 sq. ft. A rooftop garden at level 7, a sky view swimming pool and gymnasium at level 15 and lounge with meeting facilities at level 16 complement the iconic corporate lifestyle at Wangsa 118.

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Wangsa 118 Property Showroom:

Penthouse 15th Floor, Tower 1, Wangsa 118, No. 8,Jalan Wangsa Delima, Wangsa Maju 53300 Kuala Lumpur

+603-4131 5118
+603-4141 7755

+603-4141 5118

Seri Meraga Properties Sdn Bhd:

Penthouse 15th Floor, Tower 1, Wangsa 118, No. 8,Jalan Wangsa Delima, Wangsa Maju 53300 Kuala Lumpur

+603-4131 5118

+603-4141 5118





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